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My Riddikulus Harry Potter Obsession

The last few months have been HUGE for Harry Potter fans! We returned to the Wizarding World with The Cursed Child and now with Fantastic Beasts. Re-experiencing the excited anticipation of childhood with my wonderful college friends is so much fun. We have sat around the Barnes and Noble floor filling out Harry Potter crossword puzzles and coloring in pictures, waiting for midnight and the release of a new book.

New Orleans

I joined my parents for a fun 36 hours in New Orleans last weekend. College is busy and hard and organic chemistry exams are always looming, but despite (and perhaps because of) all this, I am glad that I went! A snippet from the author/comedian John Hodgman’s newsletter is what finally helped me to make up my mind to…

Election Day Wake-Up Call

*Warning* this post is about my response to the results of our 2016 presidential election. If you are here looking for posts about good food, books, etc. scroll on.
Both candidates had significant faults. Clearly, many voters found that on the whole the balance of shortcomings fell in Donald Trump’s favor. I would argue that Trump had one flaw that should have wholly disqualified him from becoming president.

Autumnal Wish List

Fall is my favorite season! Admittedly, it is not at its most magical here in Texas where we are still having daily highs in the mid 80’s. Last week, however, I traveled to Boston where I got a brief taste of fall. I drank nothing but hot chocolate and was reminded of just how brisk and enchanting autumn can be.
Although I’m back in Texas now, the trip put me in a thoroughly fall-ish mood. Here’s a wish list inspired by this autumnal sentiment.

Must-Have Items for Solo Survival

I had an apartment all to myself this summer. It was a frightening and exhilarating experience that definitely forced me to grow in a lot of ways. Here are three things that I’d encourage anyone embarking on an exploit of solitary living to invest in:

Back to School

Bless the buses, bless the mamas,

Bless the babies in pajamas,

Bless the ones who go to learn,

Dogs will wait ’til they return.


Our first stop was Vienna, Austria. Vienna is a beautiful city with an enduring artistic and intellectual legacy. It also features an abundance of wiener jokes if you’re traveling with your father and he has the sense of humor of a five-year-old.

Reading About Cancer

Over the past week, I’ve been reading about cancer to prepare to participate in a ten-week undergraduate summer research program at MD Anderson Cancer Center.