Autumnal Wish List

fotorcreatedFall is my favorite season! Admittedly, it is not at its most magical here in Texas where we are still having daily highs in the mid 80’s.  Last week, however, I traveled to Boston where I got a brief taste of fall. I drank nothing but hot chocolate and was reminded of just how brisk and enchanting autumn can be.

I was there for the iGEM Giant Jamboree. I’ll blog about how awesome iGEM is another time, but I must admit that for now I’m thrilled our “season” is over and I’m looking forward to taking a break from it (it has been wholly consuming my life over the last few weeks). I mainly stayed at and around a convention center in Back Bay, but I enjoyed venturing out to Cambridge one afternoon.

Although I’m back in Texas now, the trip put me in a thoroughly fall-ish mood. Here is a wish list inspired by this autumnal sentiment:

12 Months of Bellocq — Bellocq Tea Atelier. I drink a slightly alarming amount of tea. Having it arrive at my dorm in a charming yellow tin once a month would be quite lovely.


Tippi Sweater in Embellished Bee Print — J. Crew. I love the combination of vaguely scientific bumblebees with some fun sparkle.


Chocolate Chip Cookies — Tiny’s Milk and Cookies. This “walk up cookie and coffee shop serving homemade ice cream and a variety of other treats from the Tiny’s bakery” is FINALLY opening on Monday (11/14) at 7 a.m.! I could not be more thrilled!! I’ve been eagerly awaiting its arrival since last summer.



If you live somewhere with crisp, colorful leaves take a moment to frolic in them for me! 🍂

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