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Beach Reads: Winter Break ’17-18

Throughout the semester I do a lot reading for class, but I don’t get to do much leisure reading. I always have a long list of books waiting to be read at the beach over Christmas. This year I was able to read quite a few books and three really stood out.

Board Books

In the pediatrics research department at MD Anderson, we occasionally have toy drives, etc. for the Children’s Cancer Hospital. I was very excited to find board books on the Christmas wish list for the Child Life Program.

*Cue training montage-style scrolling through Amazon to buy children’s books*

My Riddikulus Harry Potter Obsession

The last few months have been HUGE for Harry Potter fans! We returned to the Wizarding World with The Cursed Child and now with Fantastic Beasts. Re-experiencing the excited anticipation of childhood with my wonderful college friends is so much fun. We have sat around the Barnes and Noble floor filling out Harry Potter crossword puzzles and coloring in pictures, waiting for midnight and the release of a new book.

Reading About Cancer

Over the past week, I’ve been reading about cancer to prepare to participate in a ten-week undergraduate summer research program at MD Anderson Cancer Center.