From Hostess Mostess

Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is one of my favorite types of cake! The texture is SO fluffy, & it just needs a bit of fruit, no decorating skills required. With some help from Duncan Hines, it is surprisingly easy to make. Truly, you just add water, mix, and bake. I made jam to go with the cake, but if you would prefer to skip the hassle, fresh strawberries are an excellent alternative. Overall, it is a low-effort dessert that looks fairly impressive.

Gingerbread Cookies

Time is quickly ticking away to bake cookies for Santa. My favorite Christmassy treats are gingerbread cookies. Between the excellent aroma as they bake in the oven and the opportunities they present for creative cookie cutting & decorating, they are a perfect seasonal goodie!

Must-Have Items for Solo Survival

I had an apartment all to myself this summer. It was a frightening and exhilarating experience that definitely forced me to grow in a lot of ways. Here are three things that I’d encourage anyone embarking on an exploit of solitary living to invest in: