Angel Food Cake

Angel food is one of my favorite types of cake! The texture is SO fluffy, & it just needs a bit of fruit, no decorating skills required. With some help from Duncan Hines, it is surprisingly easy to make. Just add water, mix, and bake. I made jam to go with the cake, but if you would prefer to skip the hassle, fresh strawberries are an excellent alternative. Overall, it is a low-effort dessert that looks fairly impressive.

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To go along with the cake, I made strawberry-orange jam. I worked off of this recipe. I went with the whole fruit estimates instead of worrying about measurements. Ginger is one my favorite flavors, so I added a tablespoon or two instead of the teaspoon that the recipe calls for. Unable to find any powdered pectin at my grocery store, I had to use liquid instead. I did not get the conversion exactly right (the jam did not set very firmly). Doing a bit more research online, it appears that I should have changed the order of ingredients slightly and put in more liquid pectin. Alas, something to experiment with next time. Though runny, the jam is DELICIOUS if I do say so myself. It is sweet and citrusy and has a nice tang of ginger. I am in real danger of just grabbing a spoon and devouring a jar.

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My personal favorite way to eat angel food cake:


Planetary washi tape from Paper Source

Toasted angel food cake has roasted marshmallow-like caramelized sugar flavor. I recommend tossing two thin slices on a hot pan and making a jam & cake sandwich. Wrap it up in parchment paper & you have an incredibly delightful to-go treat. Picnic anyone?

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