From College

Spring Break in Paris: Part 1

Spending spring break in Paris seems like the sort of thing that I would only fantasize about doing with my friends. However, with one suitemate spending a semester studying at Sciences Po, four of us decided to actually visit! Cue montage of months of Yelp/TripAdvisor scouring and thematic movie nights.

Lone Star State Spring Break

I ended up seeing quite a lot of Texas during spring break this year! 18th century elites might have favored the Grand Tour of Europe to round out their education, but I’d suggest that a Humble Tour of Texas is not without merit.

Must-Have Items for Solo Survival

I had an apartment all to myself this summer. It was a frightening and exhilarating experience that definitely forced me to grow in a lot of ways. Here are three things that I’d encourage anyone embarking on an exploit of solitary living to invest in:

Back to School

Bless the buses, bless the mamas,

Bless the babies in pajamas,

Bless the ones who go to learn,

Dogs will wait ’til they return.