Nanny for the Weekend

I flew to Dallas for a whirlwind weekend with three of my favorite little toots. It was nice to return to big city life for a few days, especially with my super cool aunt as my guide. In addition to playing with cousins, I indulged in all sorts of glamorous diversions. We went out for mani-pedis, something I hadn’t done in years (my cousins were disappointed in my boring preference for just buff, no polish on my fingers). Sunday brunch featured a scrumptious buffet composed of not only the typical eggs, bacon, waffles, etc, but also fudge! Perhaps most exciting, I pillaged my Aunt’s closet for items she was prepared to purge. I amassed quite a lot of plunder (pants and dresses and shirts, oh my!). I’m lucky to receive fabulous hand-me-downs from not only my aunt, but also a stylish grandmother. Their generosity has led to a bursting closet that’s probably ~85% secondhand.

I try to avoid checking a bag whenever possible, so my aunt offered to ship the clothing items home (I’ll have to make sure my little sister doesn’t intercept the package), but I went ahead and brought home the costume jewelry (or as I like to jokingly refer to it, “hussy jewelry”).PicMonkey CollageYippee for new glitter!

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